Get invoices paid faster with bztrack

About bzTrack

Cashflow is the lifeline of businesses and having to wait extended periods to be paid means cash isn’t available for the business to pay its own bills. A Xero survey carried out in late 2021 showed that Australian small businesses are spending over 12 hours every month processing invoicing – time that could be spent on growing or improving that business!

bzTrack is a single sign- on platform which has been developed to enable businesses to send and receive invoices, offer discounts to early payers to help increase cashflow and get paid more quickly!

The platform works alongside accounting software MYOB and Xero making it easier for businesses to reconcile invoices. We offer a two-way synchronisation between your bzTrack account and your accounting package. This means you can import invoices from your accounting software into bzTrack or export your invoices from bzTrack into your accounting software - whichever works best for your business.


Our in-built credit- checking and ABN verification features ensure you understand who you’re doing business with and reduce risk.

By using a service such as bzTrack, your invoicing is streamlined - easy, quick, and improves cash flow. The faster you can get an invoice to a customer or client, the quicker you can receive payment. The platform has the potential to generate business and improve the cash flow position of businesses like yours.