Streamline Your Accounting Processes with bzTrack: A Must-Have Tool for Bookkeepers and Accountants


July 14 2023

In the world of accounting and bookkeeping, efficiency and accuracy are paramount. Enter bzTrack, the one-stop-shop for invoice and cash-flow management here in Adelaide, Australia. Designed to simplify and enhance financial processes, bzTrack offers a range of services that can revolutionise the way accountants and bookkeepers handle their clients' finances. In this post, we will explore why bzTrack is the 'must-have' tool for bookkeepers and accountants and why they should be recommending it to their clients.

Streamline Administrative Tasks

As an accountant or bookkeeper, you know how time-consuming administrative tasks can be. bzTrack aims to support your efforts by streamlining your invoicing work. By digitising and automating invoice creation and management from your clients, bzTrack saves you valuable hours, allowing you to focus on more critical financial activities. With automatic syncing and reconciliations with accounting software like Xero, you can seamlessly update invoices and bills in real-time. This integration ensures that your financial records are always accurate and up to date, eliminating the risk of forgotten invoices or data discrepancies.

Accelerate Payments

Cash flow is the lifeblood of any business, and bzTrack understands the importance of fast payments. With multiple payment options available, including bank accounts, card services, and BPAY, you can offer your clients convenient ways to settle their invoices promptly. Furthermore, bzTrack goes beyond traditional methods by incentivising early payments through rewards and incentives, all managed through the platform. By creating a positive approach to payment deadlines, you can encourage your clients' customers to pay promptly, minimising late payments and improving overall cash flow.

Reduce and Remove Risk

The separation of roles and dual authorisation systems within bzTrack reduces your risk when making payments on behalf of your clients. You can set the payments up in Xero or bzTrack directly, ready for them to authorise and pay through bzTrack, ensuring they check and approve all of their own payments.

Enhanced Payment Tracking

One of the biggest challenges for accountants and bookkeepers is keeping track of payment statuses. bzTrack's payment tracking feature provides real-time visibility into where your money is at all times. Say goodbye to the days of uncertain payment statuses with the infamous "the check is in the mail" excuse. With bzTrack, you can monitor payment progress, identify potential delays, and take proactive steps to ensure timely collection. This level of transparency not only enhances your financial management but also strengthens your relationship with clients by instilling confidence and trust.

Collaboration and Integration

In today's digital age, seamless collaboration and integration are essential for efficient financial operations. bzTrack integrates seamlessly with popular accounting software like Xero, enabling smooth data synchronisation. With mobile capabilities, you can send invoices to clients on the spot via a payment link, ensuring prompt payment while freeing up your time for other critical tasks. The separation of roles within bzTrack also reduces the risk of errors, allowing different teams to utilise the platform for their specific functions while accountants maintain control over the core financial software.

Local Support and Security

Choosing a reliable and locally supported service is crucial in the accounting and bookkeeping industry. bzTrack, part of the Family Business Association and proud to be based in Adelaide, Australia) offering local support and understanding of the unique needs and challenges faced by Australian businesses. With robust security measures in place, including data encryption and secure payment gateways, bzTrack ensures the protection of your clients' sensitive financial information, giving you peace of mind while using the platform.

bzTrack is a game-changer for bookkeepers and accountants, offering a comprehensive suite of services designed to streamline financial processes, accelerate payments, and enhance collaboration. By leveraging the power of bzTrack, accountants and bookkeepers can boost their efficiency, reduce risk, and provide added value to their clients.

Embrace the future of financial management with bzTrack and unlock a new level of productivity and success. Access and get started.