Connect with Xero

Connecting with Xero from your bzTrack dashboard:

  • Select ‘Connecting To’ in the main menu and click on the blue ‘Connect to Xero’ button.
  • Sign in to your Xero account and select the organisation you wish to link.
  • Now in bzTrack, choose which Xero ledgers will be used for line items created in bzTrack for Sales, Expenses and bzTrack Fee Expences.
  • Lastly, match the bank accounts and cards you have in bzTrack with the ones you have in Xero, then ‘confirm sync’.
  • The initial sync will begin – feel free to continue working while this is completed!

What happens next?

Data will continue to flow between bzTrack and Xero with new entries on either side syncing within a few seconds. This will continue until disconnection.


Inline help and tooltips

You’ll find helpful prompts, descriptions and hover over popups in our Xero Integration screen and throughout the bzTrack platform including our Help Centre to help you along with using Xero and bzTrack together.

Frequently asked questions

bzTrack works alongside Xero syncing data in real time once you connect the two apps. Some of the great features of bzTrack are:

  • Paying bills quickly – no need to enter your bank account details once you’re logged in, eliminating any chance of errors.
  • Multiple payment methods for making and receiving payments.
  • The ability to perform credit checks on your current or prospective customers
  • Automated discounts that can be applied to reward early payments

If your business has a sales or operations team, invoices can be sent directly from a phone or tablet to a customer who can pay on the spot. The invoices are automatically sent to Xero where they can be reconciled by the accounts team, while sales and operations can move quickly onto their next job. Great for collaboration and speeding up invoicing.

Select 'Disconnect from Xero' in 'Connecting To' from bzTrack, or by selecting 'Disconnect' in Xero through Settings > Connected Apps.


No. If you choose to disconnect, data will not be removed from either platform, but can of course be removed manually by any user with sufficient user privileges at either end.

A fee bill will be synced from bzTrack to Xero. You do not need to manually reconcile fee bills as they will be automatically paired with the invoice or bill and then reconciled together.

  • Xero and bzTrack communicate when a invoice, bill or contact is created or changed. bzTrack will push or pull that data and update your records at both ends.

Discounts created in bzTrack are dealt with using credit notes. For example, if you send an invoice with invoice discounting, and your customer utilises the discount, bzTrack will create a credit note for the value of the discount and apply that to your invoice. You will then be able to reconcile the invoice against the funds you receive from your customer. In the reverse, if you are paying a bill and utilising a discount offered by your supplier, we will allocate a credit note to that bill for the value of the discount so you can reconcile the payment directly against the bill.

Data security is a top priority for bzTrack. Our cloud hosting is provided by world-class cloud service provider Amazon Web Services and we have 24-hour surveillance and protection. All data is fully encrypted and always up-to-date.

Our platform also offers Customer ABN and Partner Credit-Checking services. This enables you to have confidence in knowing who you are transacting with on the platform too.

You can add BPAY details in bzTrack but not in Xero. Click on Contacts from the left-hand menu to add BPAY details.

  • Connect with Xero as soon as possible to avoid duplication of contacts or invoices & bills.
  • Make sure you have selected default accounts for sales, expenses and fee expenses.
  • Match your bzTrack bank accounts to your Xero bank accounts.
  • Ensure you are entering as many details as possible in Xero for your key contacts so bzTrack has all the information it needs.

  • You can add multiple bank accounts in bzTrack (however, not in Xero).
  • Any bank account stored in Xero will sync to bzTrack, and will be retained even if the bank account is updated in Xero.
  • Click on Contacts from the left-hand menu to add bank account details.

More help

Once you’ve joined bzTrack, you can visit our help centre to find additional resources including getting started guides, support videos and more to help you along your way with bzTrack.