How bzTrack works


bzTrack is a one stop shop that supports invoice and cashflow management - from handling customer payments to negotiating supplier discounts.

So what does that mean exactly for your business?

We help businesses with more ways to get paid - whether that's by bank transfer or by offering payment services for card payments. We also help improve cashflow by offering invoice discount templates- so you can reward customers who pay you early by giving them a fixed % off the invoice.

By using the bzTrack platform, you can track exactly where your money is and know when an invoice is going to be paid - getting rid of the 'the cheque is in the post' excuse we're all too used to.

What's more is that bzTrack works alongside Xero, automatically syncing so any invoices or bills that are added to one system are updated in real-time to the other. Meaning if you're a business with a sales or operations team, they can send invoices to customers on the spot from their phone to be paid via a payment link, and someone else in the business can take care of the bookkeeping.

bzTrack offers free invoice processing and helps businesses like yours get paid on time! We offer card and account-to-account processing meaning invoices are paid quickly plus you can keep track of all your transactions from one place.

Step 01

Create a free account as either a business using your ABN or as an individual. Or simply sign up using your Xero account login details. Verify your account from the email you'll receive.

Step 02

Add your bank account from My Company, decide who will pay the fees and add your company logo to your invoice.

Step 03

From one central platform you can start adding invoices, contacts that you're trading with or bills that need paying.

Connect to your accounting software if you haven't already done so.

Step 04

Set up Discount Templates to incentivise customers to pay early.

Step 05

Credit Checks: Find out the financial health of a company to ensure you understand any risk involved.

bzTrack is mobile friendly too - Making invoicing on the go a piece of cake!

Create a free account!