Multiple Payment Formats & Tools


Multiple Payment
Formats & Tools

The bzTrack platform provides all the payment methods you need to help you efficiently send, receive, and process your invoice payments.

By giving you multiple payment options, bzTrack gives you greater flexibility for how your payments are sent and received. Suppliers and customers use various formats to pay and receive so it is important that you can cater to all the required formats.

From the homepage of your bzTrack account, you can choose from a range of options when deciding how you want to send or receive your payment. These options include bank accounts, credit/debit cards and wallets. You can even pay directly from a card to a bank account. to : Currently bzTrack offers payments by bank transfer or credit/debit card. We will soon be adding more payment options such as wallets, Bpay, Paypal and much more. Please keep an eye on our News page and our social media pages for updates. If you'd like more information on payment options, please get in touch.

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