Batch payments have gotten even faster!


November 07 2023

As you know, here at bzTrack we’re all about getting you paid faster, saving you financial admin time, and giving you better visibility over your cashflow.

In our latest release we’ve made a number of changes that will see you in even better control of your money.

Batch payments have gotten even faster!
We first enabled two-click bill payments, then the ability to pay multiple bills from a single account draw… Now we’ve streamlined all that to initiate batches from your bills listing screen in one step.

Card Services Applications are now (almost) a breeze!
Every business needs to be able to accept card payments these days, but so many service applications are difficult to negotiate. When it comes to accepting card payments, any provider will need you to complete some forms to find out more about your business - that’s unfortunately unavoidable but it really doesn’t need to be so difficult.

At bzTrack we want any ‘paperwork’ processes to be as easy as possible which is why our application engine is online, simple and we put it directly in the Payment Services screen of your dashboard. We’ve just made some great improvements to this process which makes it even faster and easier.

Go to Payment Services in the Company menu and complete your application for Card Services today. We can turn this around in as soon as one working day and get you accepting card payments to bring your money in even faster.

Under the Bonnet
If a good-looking car only goes as well as the engine allows, a powerful financial tool only works as well, and as quickly as the software sitting behind it.

This release has enabled us to publish a LOT of improvements and upgrades to all the parts of our platform that you don’t see - the bits that really make it go! We won’t bore you with details but suffice to say you’re in for a faster and even smoother ride!

Thank you
Thanks again for being a bzTrack user. Enjoy this new release, and look out for more new stuff (already in pre-release testing!) which will see you do more in less time - and of course - get you paid faster.

Click here and learn how Batch Payment works.