bzTrack is an official Xero partner


May 12 2023

We are excited to announce that bzTrack has officially become a Xero certified partner!

This new partnership allows bzTrack to integrate its cutting-edge business management software with Xero’s innovative accounting platform, and we can now be found directly in the Xero App store!


With this partnership, bzTrack customers can now easily sync their financial data with Xero, streamlining their accounting and bookkeeping processes. This integration will provide users with real-time visibility into their financials, allowing them to make informed decisions and take proactive measures to ensure the financial health of their business.

The integration of bzTrack with Xero helps businesses save time, reduce manual data entry, and eliminate errors in their financial reporting.

The addition of bzTrack for those using Xero supports the different types of roles within a business. For example, invoicing on the go is simple with bzTrack’s mobile-friendly dashboard— any sales or ops team members can invoice straight from their phone to their customer and know that the invoice will appear instantly on Xero for the accounts team to reconcile.

Paying bills on bzTrack is also simple and quick—with options to pay via card, account-to-account and BPAY. Businesses save valuable time as they don’t need to log into their bank account as these are securely linked within the bzTrack platform.

Another feature of bzTrack that will benefit Xero users, is Invoice Discount Templates – allowing users to offer customers incentives by way of discounts on invoices that are paid early or on the spot.

“We are thrilled to partner with Xero and offer our customers a seamless integration with their accounting software,” said Richard Barry, MD of bzTrack. “This partnership will enable us to provide our customers with even more tools to manage their business, improve efficiency, and drive growth.”

  bzTrack bzTrack bzTrack bzTrack
Invoicing Yes Yes Yes
Mobile Optimised Yes Yes
Mobile Optimised Yes Yes
User Friendly Yes Yes Yes
'Carrots not sticks' Yes Yes
Fast bill payments Yes Yes
Payroll Yes Yes
Card payments Yes Yes Yes
BPAY Yes Yes
BAS filling Yes Yes

This new partnership between bzTrack and Xero is a win-win for businesses looking to streamline their financial management processes. By using bzTrack and Xero together, businesses can achieve their cashflow management with greater ease and accuracy.

Find bzTrack in the Xero App store