Dual Authorisation


July 12 2023

bzTrack's Dual Authorisation feature gives an extra layer of security, oversight and peace of mind as to when and where your supplier payments are going.

Security around payments is more important than ever so bzTrack provides systems to make sure that least two people are aware and authorising any payments are going out. Dual authorisation is policy in many organisations, and bzTrack makes it so simple.

Once set-up, when a user completes the Pay Now, or Pay Later flow, that transaction will be assigned as ‘Awaiting Authorisation’. Any other user with the appropriate role will receive an email letting them know that authorisation is required.

They will be able visit the ‘Authorisations’ page and Approve or Reject them from here. If a payment needs to be edited before being approved, the user that set it up will need to make the change before approval, again ensuring that two people have agreed what is going out and when.

Just follow these simple steps to set-up Dual Authorisation for payments:

1. Add Users who will authorise

Ensure people you want to be included in your payment authorisation flow are part of your bzTrack organisation and each assigned an appropriate role. If they are not already, invite them.

2. Select "Dual Authorisation"

On the Organisation Security page, select ‘Two users required to authorise’ for ‘Pay Bills’, and save changes.

3. That's It!

Now you can be sure that payments going out ALWAYS go past two people of your choice.

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