Lunch and Learn at Wotso


July 05 2023

bzTrack Lunch & Learn at WOTSO - 5th July 2023

Sold out Lunch and Learn #network session at WOTSO Adelaide with Ben Pyman, who shared how easy bzTrack is to use and how it can help organise your invoicing, get paid on time and save you hours when it comes to paying your bills.

If you don’t use bzTrack already, learn how to make an impact in your invoicing and payment system efficiently.

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Join us for a 'Lunch and Learn' session on 5th July 2023!

Come and have lunch on us in Adelaide's CBD this July 5th at Wotso. Learn how bzTrack's free invoicing service can help your business save money and time and get paid quickly!

Already using Xero? bzTrack is an official Xero app and helps support all the roles in your business. Find out how and register here!

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