Why you should switch to digital invoicing


June 2023

Why you need to make the move to digital invoicing – and bzTrack!

As a tradie, your time is valuable, and your focus should be on giving your customers with the service they need rather than spending hours each month on invoicing. That’s why it’s time to switch to digital invoicing!

Digital invoicing is the process of sending and receiving invoices electronically rather than on paper. Instead of sending paper invoices through snail mail or hand delivering them, you can send digital invoices directly to your clients’ email addresses – saving you time and money.

This is where bzTrack comes in…

bzTrack is a one-stop shop that offers invoicing and improves cashflow management – and most importantly there are no joining fees and no monthly subscription fees!

Save Time and Money

As a tradie, time is money. By using digital invoicing, you can save time on administrative tasks like printing, mailing, and tracking down payments. You can also save money on postage and paper costs. On bzTrack you can even send invoices straight from your phone directly to your customer who can pay on the spot.

Get Paid Faster

One of the main benefits of digital invoicing is that you can get paid faster. When you send a digital invoice, your clients receive it instantly and can pay you right away. bzTrack offers multiple payment options including card payment, account-to-account and BPAY with more options coming soon.

Carrots not Sticks

Most invoicing platforms have tools in place to penalise your customers for paying late. With bzTrack, we've flipped that on its head and offer incentives by way of discounts, on invoices that are paid early.

One of the main complaints that businesses have when it comes to getting paid is having to chase up late payments and might have to resort to threats of fees if an invoice is paid late. With bzTrack, you can set up Invoice Discount Templates easily - offering a fixed % off a discount that’s paid within a specific number of days (or even paid on the spot).

By offering your customers a discount on an invoice amount if they pay you early is a in-win for both parties, PLUS it can encourage future trading between businesses. You can also avoid hours of chasing via email or phone.

Improved Accuracy

Traditional paper invoices can be easily lost, damaged, or misread, leading to payment delays and disputes. Invoices via bzTrack can easily be tracked from the platform – you can even see when an invoice has been paid and when you’re likely to expect payment.

Xero compatible

Because bzTrack syncs with Xero, any invoice sent through bzTrack will automatically appear in Xero. If you’re out on a job, you can invoice from your phone straight to the customer and know the invoice will appear in real-time in your Xero account to be reconciled by whoever does the books – leaving you free to move onto the next job.

Enhance Professionalism

Digital invoicing also enhances your professionalism as a sole trader. On the bzTrack platform, it’s simple and quick to add your business logo (or logos) to make sure your customers know they’re dealing with a professional company.

By making the switch to digital invoicing, you can simplify your invoicing process, get paid faster, and focus on what you do best - delivering quality work to your clients. So, what are you waiting for? Make the switch to bzTrack and get on top of your cashflow!

By TradieWives. Published on June 2023.